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Los Angeles

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May 25-26, 2024

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The Chino Mosque

11941 Ramona Ave, Chino, CA 91710

Pomona College

333 N College Way, Claremont, CA 91711

LAX Airport

It's easy to get to, with plenty of space to stay.

All Guests flying in will be provided transportation from their respective arriving Airports (preferred is ONT) to their arranged accommodations. Coordinate with your Regional Qaid to convey all arriving information to the MIST admin team. Please note, transportation will only be provided between May 23-27 and only between airport, Chino Mosque and the MIST site.

All Guests driving in should utilize their transportation to commute between accommodations, Mosques, and site visits. If an individual wishes to utilize any MIST transportation vans is welcome to do so but will have to follow the existing published schedule.

Kindly Utilize Ontario International Airport (ONT) as it is only 15-20 minutes from Baitul Hameed Mosque (Main Location for MIST). Santa Ana Airport (SNA) is an ideal second option. The other Airports such as LAX are also an option but are more than 1 hour away from the site.

The Main administrative hub will be located at Baitul Hameed Mosque (11941 Ramona Ave, Chino, CA 91710). There is an additional Mosque (for prayers ONLY) located at 7419 Passons Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA (Masjid Masroor).


We've got you covered


All USA Guests will be provided accommodations. Coordination is required with your Regional Qaid or Captain of a team. Accomodations and Transportation should have been filled by Regional Qaid or Team Captain to avail. The Chino Mosque is a 12 minute drive from Pomona College.

Hotel or Personal Arrangements

All Guests who wish to book hotels for their stay are welcome to do so. Please note, transportation is not provided for those arranging their own stay.

Need more details?

We've got you covered, download the handbook to get all the directions, details, and rules you need.

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