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Our Departments, at your service

MKA USA has 26 departments that are here to serve our members and the communities we belong to.

Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya

Youth, Organization, Growth

Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya was established under the visionary guidance of Hadhrat Musleh Maud ra with the objective of creating a structured branch organization specifically for children functioning as a sub-auxiliary within Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya. It is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual, physical, and intellectual development of young Ahmadi boys aged between seven and fifteen. Its foundational goals include fostering awareness of religious and social teachings, organizing sports and activities for holistic development, and shielding children from negative societal influences while promoting good moral conduct. Recognizing the importance of early education in shaping future Khuddam, Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya operates with its distinct departments and plans, meticulously designed to embed the values of regular prayer, diligence, and honesty in the youth. This strategic approach ensures that as each Tifl transitions into Khuddam, he carries forward the essential virtues of Ahmadiyyat, preparing him for a life of faith, service, and community leadership. Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya is under the leadership of Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, with its administrative activities overseen by Mohtamim Atfal, a member of the MKA National Amila.

Aitmad (General Secretariat)

Administration, Organization, Supervision

The Aitmad department stands as the administrative heartbeat of MKA USA, seamlessly knitting communication across the Majlis with precision and dedication. Under the stewardship of the Motamid (National General Secretary), this department is pivotal in keeping the organization aligned and accountable through diligent management of day-to-day operations. Tasked with the critical function of handling all Majlis correspondence and internal reporting, Aitmad meticulously gathers data from every corner of the organization, from National to Local levels, compiling reports that reach the esteemed office of the Khalifa. Beyond its administrative prowess, Aitmad is committed to the growth and development of our office bearers, organizing the annual office bearers Forum, workshops, and talks designed to hone leadership skills and foster personal development. Its integral role in planning and executing the Majls-e-Shura and National Amila meetings further cements Aitmad's essential contribution to our Majlis.

Amoor-e-Tuluba (Student Affairs)

Faith, Scholarship, Service

The Amoor-e-Tuluba Department is dedicated to promoting academic excellence and offering robust support across all facets of student life, including academic advising, scholarship applications, and social guidance. With a focus on elevating the religious, moral, and educational standards of Ahmadi students, especially those in colleges and universities, the department aims to protect students from materialistic influences and steer them towards Islamic values and customs. By supporting Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Associations (AMSA) on campuses, the Amoor-e-Tuluba Department plays a pivotal role in ensuring that students are well-prepared to face academic challenges while remaining grounded in their faith.

Amoomi (General Affairs)

Preparation, Prudence, Protection

The Amoomi department responds to the targeted needs of the Majlis as directed by the Sadr Majlis. A core goal is proper preparation for natural and other potential disasters. The Mohtamim works to ensure that the majlis is ready and responsive.

Ishaat (Publications)

Information, Publications, Media

The Ishaat department is the vibrant voice of MKA USA, dedicated to broadcasting the spirit and activities of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya through print, digital and social media channels.. Whether it’s through the pages of MKA Connect and Mujahid, or the digital corridors of the MKA USA website, Ishaat ensures that the message and mission of the Majlis resonate far and wide. Tasked with the crucial role of information dissemination, this department not only manages the publication of impactful content but also bridges connections with the media to spotlight the multifaceted activities and programs of MKA. Through its diligent efforts, the Ishaat department champions the essence of our community, sharing our stories and successes with both members and the wider public, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our values and endeavors.

Khidmat-e-Khalq (Service to Humanity)

Service, Support, Community

The Khidmat-e-Khalq department embodies the spirit of selfless service, tirelessly working to uplift and assist those in need within the broader community. With a focus on poverty alleviation, Khidmat-e-Khalq designs and executes programs that reach out to the underprivileged, transcending barriers of religion, creed, caste, and color. This department's commitment to serving without discrimination ensures that help is extended to all those in need, reflecting the universal values of compassion and humanity

Maal (Finance)

Sacrifice, Accounting, Budgeting

The Maal department plays a vital role in overseeing the financial health and ensuring efficient management of monetary contributions to support the organization's activities. This department is responsible for encouraging the spirit of financial sacrifice among members and ensuring that funds are utilized effectively to spread the message of Islam. It handles the assessment of annual income, maintains accurate records, and ensures compliance with financial obligations. Through its efforts, the Maal department fosters a culture of collective effort and financial discipline, enabling the organization to achieve its goals and serve the community effectively.

Mohasib (Audit)

Inspection, Review, Analysis

The Mohasib Department, serving as the vigilant internal auditing arm of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, upholds the integrity and effective utilization of the organization's resources. Rooted deeply in Islamic values of humility and responsibility, this department's mission is to ensure that all funds, donations, and operations align with our core principles. By meticulously overseeing the use and management of assets across all levels of the Majlis, from local to national, the Mohasib Department collaborates closely with various departments to guarantee that every contribution is channeled towards righteous and impactful causes, embodying our collective dedication to service and accountability.

Nau Mubaeen (New Converts)

Bai’at, Integration, Training

The Nau Mubaeendepartment plays a crucial role in the welcoming and integration of new Ahmadi Muslim converts into Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, ensuring a seamless and supportive transition into the Islamic lifestyle and etiquette. This department is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual and communal well-being of new members, guiding them through their initial journey within the community with a focus on gradual encouragement and building a strong sense of belonging. Through its efforts, the Nau Mubaeen department fosters a welcoming atmosphere that aids new converts in understanding and practicing Islamic teachings, while also connecting them with the broader Ahmadiyya Muslim community. This approach not only supports the spiritual growth of new members but also strengthens the communal fabric of the Jama`at, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, feels valued and included.

New Immigrants

Integration, Independence, Growth

The New Immigrants Department serves as a cornerstone for those embarking on a new journey from foreign lands. This department is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for these individuals, focusing on integration, education opportunities, skills training, employment assistance, and community connection. By facilitating engagement with local Majalis and providing resources for essential things like language acquisition, the department aims to set up new immigrants for success in their new environment. It's not just about helping them find their footing; it's about ensuring they feel welcomed, valued, and supported every step of the way. Through this department's efforts, new immigrant Khuddam are empowered to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and contribute meaningfully to the community, all while staying firmly connected to their faith and the values of Ahmadiyyat.

Sanat-o-Tijarat (Industry and Trade)

Empowerment, Productivity, Education

The Department of Sanat-o-Tijarat is on a mission to craft pathways to prosperous and meaningful careers for the members of our community. This department is not just about business; it's about empowering individuals with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to thrive in their professional lives. By fostering an environment that values entrepreneurship, skill development, and mentorship, Sanat-o-Tijarat is dedicated to reducing unemployment and enriching the lives of its members. Through targeted programs that focus on career development, vocational training, and entrepreneurship, the department aims to cultivate a community of skilled, versatile, and forward-thinking individuals, ready to make their mark in the world.

Sehat-e-Jismani (Physical Health)

Health, Physical Fitness, Wellness

The Sehat-e-Jismani Department champions the health and fitness of its members, embracing a comprehensive approach to wellness that integrates physical sporting activities with the dissemination of healthy lifestyle information. This department is committed to enhancing the overall well-being of members of MKA by organizing dynamic events such as Masroor International Sports Tournament (MIST) and Ijtema competitions, alongside crafting new fitness initiatives. The Sehat-e-Jismani department's endeavors are designed to cultivate the finest physical conditions for members, ensuring that their bodies are the ideal sanctuaries for their spiritual essence. By fostering a balanced lifestyle that prioritizes both physical vigor and spiritual health, Sehat-e-Jismani department actively contributes to the holistic development of individuals within the community.

Tabligh (Preaching)

Education, Propagation, Interfaith Outreach

The Tabligh Department's role is to prepare and engage Khuddam in conveying the message of Islam to communities. This involves equipping members with the knowledge and inspiration needed for both individual and public outreach, as well as utilizing electronic media for preaching. The department's aim is to spread the peaceful message of Islam, emphasizing the faith's core values and teachings. This mission includes a variety of activities such as organizing public lectures, interfaith dialogues, distributing Islamic literature, and harnessing social media platforms to reach a broader audience. Through these efforts, the Tabligh Department seeks to foster a better understanding of Islam, counter misconceptions, and encourage a dialogue based on mutual respect and understanding.

Taleem (Education)

Knowledge, Enlightenment, Study

The Taleem Department diligently fosters the Islamic education of Khuddam, aiming to deepen their understanding and connection with the foundational texts of Islam. Every year, the Department identifies books in line with the theme of the year, requiring all members to read the books by the end of the year. Through a diverse array of educational initiatives, including classes, interactive panel discussions, articles, and quizzes, the department creates a vibrant learning environment. Mohtamim Taleem spearheads efforts to promote a comprehensive grasp of the Holy Qur’an, the life and teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), and the writings of the Promised Messiah and his Khulafa. Additionally, Taleem department orchestrates spiritual and educational competitions across local, regional, and national Ijtemas, enriching the religious knowledge and fostering a sense of unity and brotherhood among the members.

Tajneed (Census)

Membership, Record Keeping, Enrollment

At the core of our organizational structure, the Tajneed Department plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the accuracy and maintenance of the Tajneed database, a comprehensive repository of every Khadim's information. This department, led by the diligent Mohtamim, is dedicated to the meticulous task of ensuring that enrollment data and procedures are consistently aligned and up-to-date. By keeping a detailed record of all members of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, including their essential particulars, the Tajneed Department ensures a smooth operational flow, allowing for efficient planning and execution of various programs and initiatives. This foundational work not only enhances the organization's internal coherence but also strengthens our collective capacity to serve our community effectively.

Tarbiyyat (Moral Training)

Morals, Etiquette, Personal Growth

The Tarbiyyat Department focuses on spiritual enrichment and moral education for members of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya. With a commitment to nurturing Islamic etiquettes, the department encourages practices such as congregational Salat, daily recitation of the Holy Qur’an, engaging with spiritually uplifting literature, and listening to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V’s (aba) Friday Sermons. The Mohtamim actively circulates extracts from these sermons and spearheads lectures, study groups, and activities designed to foster moral training and spiritual growth, aiming to cultivate a deeper, more meaningful understanding of Islamic principles and values.

Rishta Nata (Marital Affairs)

Matrimony, Purity, Harmony

The Additional Tarbiyyat Department for Rishta Nata plays a crucial role in guiding Khuddam on the journey towards understanding and valuing the Islamic institution of marriage. It underscores the significance and sanctity of marriage, promoting timely unions and encouraging marriages within the community. This department is instrumental in developing educational and reformatory programs to address marriage-related issues, providing members with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of marital life according to Islamic principles. Through organized sessions, publications, and collaboration with relevant departments, it aims to foster a well-informed youth, ready to embrace marriage with the right intentions and understanding, enriching the social fabric of the Jama’at.

Tahrik-e-Jadid (The New Scheme)

Simplicity, Sustainability, Islamic Awareness

The Tahrik-e-Jadid Department embodies the spirit of sustainable contribution and global Islamic outreach, as envisioned by Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IIra, in 1934. Focused on educating members about the importance of simple, sustainable living, the department encourages contributions towards the noble cause of training life devotees (Waqfeen-zindagi) like Imams, establishing new missions, and constructing mosques to spread the true teachings of Islam worldwide. Under the guidance of the Mohtamim, the department diligently works to increase awareness and participation in this blessed scheme, highlighting the significant impact of members' contributions on the global propagation of Islam. Through its efforts, the Tahrik-e-Jadid Department ensures that the vision of sustainable living and dedicated missionary work remains a central pillar of the community's collective endeavor.

Waqar-e-Amal (Dignity of Labor)

Service, Collaboration, Endeavor

The Waqar-e-Amal Department, embodying the Islamic principle of dignity in labor, motivates Khuddam to embrace teamwork and manual work as a form of service to the community and an act of faith. Under the leadership of the Mohtamim, the department adopts a project-based approach to instill the value of collective effort among members through various initiatives, including mosque cleanings, street and alleyway beautification projects, adopt-a-highway campaigns, and tree planting activities. These endeavors not only cultivate a spirit of camaraderie and communal responsibility within Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya but also reinforce the importance of contributing to the Jama’at and the broader community through hands-on work, showcasing the profound impact of shared, dignified labor on both individual growth and societal betterment.

Waqf-e-Nau (The New Dedication)

Dedication, Service, Growth

The Waqf-e-Nau Department plays a crucial role in guiding and nurturing the talents of young Ahmadis dedicated to lifelong service to the community. This department's mission centers on providing a comprehensive framework for spiritual, academic, and personal development, ensuring that Waqfeen-e-Nau are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the Jamā‘at's endeavors. By focusing on the principles of Islamic teachings, leadership skills, and community service, the department fosters an environment where Waqfeen-e-Nau can thrive and realize their potential. Activities and programs are designed to instill a deep understanding of Ahmadiyyat's values, enhance moral and ethical standards, and promote a sense of global brotherhood. Through dedicated mentorship and tailored educational initiatives, the Waqf-e-Nau Department ensures these individuals are prepared to meet the diverse needs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, embodying the spirit of sacrifice and service.

Wasiyyat (The System of Will)

Sacrifice, Inspiration, Vision

The Wasiyyat Department plays a crucial role within Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, dedicating its efforts to encourage members to partake in the profound scheme of Wasiyyat, inaugurated by the Promised Messiah (as) in 1905. This department is driven by the visionary goal, aligned with the aspirations of our beloved Khalifa, to ensure that at least 50% of earning members embrace this blessed scheme. Achieving this objective through a blend of personal relationships and targeted one-on-one outreach, the Wasiyyat Department focuses on enlightening members about the spiritual significance and benefits of participating in Wasiyyat. Through heartfelt discussions and motivational efforts, this department cultivates a deep understanding and commitment among the youth, guiding them to fulfill this noble endeavor and continue the legacy of dedication to the principles set forth by the Promised Messiah (as).

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