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Be a part of history with the first land purchased by any Majlis in the world.

A Bright Future

Under the blessed guidance of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (may Allah be his helper), we joyously announce MKA USA's acquisition of Baagh-e-Ahmad, an 80-acre sanctuary poised for both immediate spiritual gatherings and future developmental prospects. This verdant land, zoned for diverse uses, symbolizes our commitment to unity, spiritual growth, and service to humanity.

As we envision Baagh-e-Ahmad becoming a cornerstone for education, worship, and brotherhood, we invite our community to join hands in nurturing this space into a beacon of Islamic teachings and communal harmony. Together, let's embark on this journey of transformation and blessings, reinforcing our bond with service and faith.

Located at 51 Harding Highway in Elmer, NJ, our 80-acre site is a canvas of potential, zoned for residential, commercial, and places of worship. This land, a testament to our community’s growth and unity, offers the perfect blend of accessibility and serene landscape. Strategically positioned, it is conveniently located approximately 30 miles from Philadelphia International Airport, ensuring easy access for visitors, dignitaries, and community members traveling from afar. Additionally, its proximity to major highways, including a short drive to Interstate 295, provides seamless connectivity to and from the site. This blend of tranquility and accessibility makes our location an ideal setting for a diverse range of activities, from spiritual gatherings and educational events to commercial ventures and residential living. With the surrounding accessibility and its vast potential, 51 Harding Highway is not just a plot of land but a beacon for our future endeavors—a place where our dreams and visions for a thriving, cohesive community will come to life. Join us as we embark on this journey to transform this space into a hub of spirituality, unity, and innovation.
Blessed with land zoned for residential, commercial, and spiritual purposes, we envision erecting three monumental structures to nurture our academic pursuits, physical well-being, and spiritual growth. These will include a mosque for our prayers and gatherings, and a gym to foster physical fitness and health. Additionally, we aim to construct guest houses to warmly welcome visiting dignitaries, embodying our values of hospitality and brotherhood. Yet, the vast expanse of our land holds potential beyond these initial plans, awaiting the touch of your imagination to realize its promise fully. We invite you, our brotherhood, to lend your ideas and efforts in shaping this space into a beacon of our future. Together, let’s create a legacy that reflects our collective aspirations and values.
Nestled in Elmer, NJ, our 80-acre land at 51 Harding Highway is perfectly zoned for residential, commercial, and worship spaces. Just a 30-mile drive from Philadelphia International Airport and closely connected to major highways like Interstate 295, it combines ease of access with the peace of a suburban setting. This prime location is our canvas for creating a vibrant community hub, where accessibility meets serene landscapes to foster our visions of unity, spirituality, and communal growth. Join us in shaping a future where every journey to this site inspires and connects.

Spiritual and Educational Complex

At the heart of Baagh-e-Ahmad, we envision a mosque and a multipurpose hall. These will not just be structures but sanctuaries for prayers, community gatherings, and a wide array of educational programs. They will serve as the cornerstone of our spiritual growth and communal unity.

Recreational and Sports Facilities

Embracing the physical well-being of our community, we plan to introduce extensive sports fields, including facilities for rock climbing, archery, and more. An outdoor obstacle course, ziplines, and racing courses will cater to our adventurous spirits, promoting health, teamwork, and resilience among our youth and adults alike.

Multipurpose Hall

A multipurpose hall to meet all of our needs

Mosque Complex

Our place of prayer

Rock Climbing

Outdoor rock climbing walls

Indoor Gym

An indoor gymnasium with a full basketball court.


Housing for guests of the property

Ample Parking

Parking for all who come

Soccer Fields

2 fields for all your tournaments

Basketball Court

1 outdoor courts (another indoor in complex)


A safe go-kart course

Archery Range

A archery range for practice and competitions.

Cricket Field

Cricket field for tournaments

Event Space

Open air event space

Running Tracks

Running tracks that are on the perimeter of the Soccer field

* Mockup for illustration purposes only. Final designs will be determined later.

A Glimpse at
What Might Be

With your help, we can shape this land into our future. Here are some ideas to get us started, but we need your submissions to make it a reality.

Get Involved: Share Your Ideas

Your voice matters. As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to share your visions, ideas, and suggestions for Baagh-e-Ahmad.

Make an impact, donate , and be remembered.

We want to express our gratitude to those who wish to donate generously.

3 left

Tier 1

  • Name section/street after you (with permission from Huzur aba)
  • Special invite at the Inauguration with Huzur-e-Anwar aba (Pending visit/approval)
  • Sadr Sahib letter to Huzur aba with the names of Khuddam
5 left

Tier 2

  • Have a memorial bench named after you that will be located around the land
  • Special invite at the Inauguration with Huzur-e-Anwar aba (Pending visit/approval)
  • Sadr Sahib letter to Huzur aba with the names of Khuddam

Tier 3

  • Have a brick wall with your name on it
  • Special invite at the Inauguration with Huzur-e-Anwar aba (Pending visit/approval)
  • Sadr Sahib letter to Huzur aba with the names of Khuddam

Tier 4

  • A Plaque with names of donors
  • Special invite at the Inauguration with Huzur-e-Anwar aba (Pending visit/approval)
  • Sadr Sahib letter to Huzur aba with the names of Khuddam
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